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To know the Omani heritage;  New Museum in Niswa

Niswa Fort, ancient mosques, age-old villages and heritage souqs attract tourists from all over the world.

However, the Niswa Museum provides visitors with a direct insight into the heritage, culture and civilization of Oman from various historical periods.  The museum has a collection of over 3,000 artifacts.
Museum owner Mohammad Ambuzaidi said that manuscripts, weapons, armours, copper objects, pottery and handicrafts are all displayed in the halls of the museum.

Mohammad Ambuzaidi said the collection of artefacts on display highlights the ability to utilize natural resources for construction and focuses on detailing Oman’s intangible heritage.
The museum aims to promote heritage tourism in Oman and particularly the city of Niswa.  As soon as one enters the museum, one is transported into history.  The main corridor of the museum is decorated with different carvings, colors and shapes of ancient Omani windows and doors.

One of the gates erected here is more than 500 years old.
Ceramics and weapons dating back more than 700 years are also special.  Here is a section of petrified pinewood that is 260 million years old.  It is the oldest object in the museum.  Over 400 years old, Omani manuscripts provide glimpses into Oman’s political, economic and social history.  Mohammad Ambuzaidi added that the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage is possible and the aim of the museum is to serve as a link between the past and the present.

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