Qurum Natural Park

Oman’s largest park, Qurum Natural Park is a verdant oasis that offers a cool refuge even from the summer heat, with its towering shade trees and large lake.  A very large garden full of green spaces and places for children to play and relax among the natural surroundings.

It is an ideal place for family gatherings and picnics, a place to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature and spend time in it.  The park’s 400 acres offer ample space to roam, with rose gardens, dancing fountains, a boating lake, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a small amusement park that opens daily after 4:30 p.m.

Small coffee shops and restaurants are open throughout the day, and there are restroom facilities throughout the park.  It is most popular in the evening and at night when the weather is cool and the fountains are lit up.

Visitors to Muscat cannot fail to pass by Al Qurum Park.  The park is considered as one of the tourist attractions that attract tourists.

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