Nizwa Fort

one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oman due to the fact that it is an amazing example of old Omani architecture that provides an illustration of the way Omani people used to live in ancient times

Nizwa Fort was built during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif bin Malik Al Yarubi (1649-1679 AD) at the beginning of the eleventh century AH / mid seventeenth century AD. Building the fort took twelve years. Its height is 34 m, and its diameter is 45 m. It serves as a flat-roof platform erected on a base of crushed stones, its height is 15 m and it around 30 m to the ground. It is equipped with cannon holes.

The entrance of the fort has a narrow staircase in the form of the letter ح (ح is an Arabic letter equivalent to H in English). It has seven doors, and at each door a turn. These doors have defensive openings at the top.

The oldest part of Nizwa Fort was originally constructed by imam Al Sult bin Malik Al Kharusi in the ninth century and was later renovated by imam Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi in the 17th century. Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi is known as the imam responsible for removing the Portuguese from Oman.

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