Mutrah corniche

Stretching for 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) along the waterfront, the Mutrah Corniche is an elegant promenade lined with international restaurants, traditional cafes and enticing markets.

You can see the views of the Oman Port and harbour on one side and the beautiful rock formations of the Hajar Mountains and the Portuguese watchtowers on the other. The eastern end of the harbour is dominated by the Mutrah Fort.The northern end of the corniche has a fish market and a dhow harbour.

  The initiative to relocate the industrial elements of the port and redevelop the dockside for tourism is well underway with the refurbishment of the fish market complete. The port will provide a permanent home for Shabab Oman, the country’s magnificent fully rigged training ship, which is soon to be retired now that its replacement has been commissioned. In the meantime, the harbour is home to His Majesty’s dhow, visiting cruise ships and assorted naval vessels

The Mutrah Fort was built by occupying Portuguese forces in the late 16th century.
.The Mutrah Corniche is permanent home to the retired Shabab Oman, a beautiful fully-rigged training ship.Just behind the Corniche lies the Old Quarter, Muscat’s historic walled city centre

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