Yiti beach

Yiti beach is one of the best places to visit in Muscat among those who want to escape from the busy city. Admittedly, it is an amazing and lesser known beach to explore in Oman.

Located 28 km from Muscat city center, Yiti Beach is a well-known camping site outside of Muscat city. Surrounded by cliffs on all sides, the tranquility of this small beach is very beautiful.

There is also a fishing village nearby where you can interact with the locals and rent a boat.  At sunset, Yiti Beach is perfect for a long walk to watch the sun sink into the horizon in a row of reds and oranges.  Sunrises on the beach are equally beautiful.

The shore’s clear blue waters provide an ideal spot for swimming and fishing, while the sparkling clean sand invites sunbathers year-round.

Story high lite: Yiti beach

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