Mutrah Souq

Mutrah Souq is one of the oldest markets in the Arab world.Mutrah Souk or Al Alam Souk has been named after darkness because the crowded stalls and lanes do not allow the sun rays to infiltrate through during the day and the shoppers need lamplights to see where they were going.
Among the local Omanis, this souk is called the Market of Darkness, with its myriad of alleys and roads lined by shops that block the sun during the day. 

The east and west parts of Mutrah Souk, separated by Khawr Bimbah, are also known as ‘the small market’ and ‘the large market’. The Market of Darkness is the small market, whereas the large market is the wholesale market.Across the street from the souk is the fish market, by the harbour where fresh fish are landed every morning.

It is a pleasure just to wander in the maze of dark alleyways. The Muttrah souk is divided into different sections: the gold and silver souk has rows of shops piled high with modern and antique jewellery, and there are also sections devoted to household goods, shoes and clothes, and perfumes and spices.

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